Entry of Russian citizens to Finland closed only for tourist visa holders, ambassador says

The entry of Russian citizens to Finland is closed only for tourist visa holders, but other types of trips are still possible, according to the Russian ambassador to Helsinki.

“From today, the Finns prohibit the entry of Russians for tourist purposes. Other trips are still allowed — these are visits to relatives, work, study, treatment, business trips and so on,” Pavel Kuznetsov said on Russian state TV channel Russia 24 on Friday.

Finland’s government said on Thursday that the country will close its borders to Russian tourists starting Friday at midnight (local time) until further notice.

Following Russian President Vladimir Putin’s announcement earlier this month of “partial mobilization,” the country saw nationwide protests and an exodus of citizens fleeing the country.

Some context: On Sunday, 8,314 Russians entered Finland via the Finnish-Russian land border — double that of the previous Sunday, the border guard’s head of international affairs tweeted at the time.

Including Saturday’s numbers, 16,886 Russians arrived in total, with “many in transit to other countries,” Matti Pitkäniitty added.

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