Engineers say syndicate corruption due to govt control

The "Engineers against Sequestration" movement will meet Wednesday to take legal steps to end the order on judicial sequestration that has been on the syndicate since 1994, effectively implementing government control over the syndicate. To make its case, the movement will present the attorney general with a report by the Central Auditing Organization (CAO) that details massive waste and corruption in the syndicate from 2005 to 2008.

The CAO report said that millions of pounds were wasted during those three years, including LE380,000 in outstanding debts, LE1.4 million that was not distributed to branch offices of the syndicate, and LE389 in bounced checks. The Engineers against Sequestration hope that this will demonstrate the incompetence of judicial control over the syndicate.

The movement will also tell the attorney general about exaggerated bonuses and incentives given to the judges who have been managing the syndicate affairs.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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