EMPC Chairman: Situation normal after electricity pylons blast

Osama Heikal, chairman of the Egyptian Media Production City, said they received 15 electricity generators over the past few hours, eight of which were provided by the Electricity Ministry to cover the needs of the city until electricity returns via normal networks.
Speaking to the MENA news agency on Tuesday, Heikal said TV channels were allowed to use electricity generators from outside the city, adding that seven generators were allowed in for several channels.
Heikal added that the ministry promised to restore the electricity soon.
Bombs exploded on Monday targetting the main electricity lines that feed the city, leaving one pylon collapsed and the other leaning. Power completely went out throughout the city, located in 6 October City.
Heikal said targetting the pylons indicate the terrorist action was pre-meditated and was carried out by perpetrators who are aware of the importance of the two pylons for the city.
Meanwhile, the ministry said the two pylons will be repaired in 10 days, adding that the costs for fixing each pylon will range between LE600,000-LE800,000.
The ministry also called on citizens to provide any information that would benefit investigations or prevent further terrorist actions.
Edited translation from MENA and Al-Masry Al-Youm

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