Emirati business tycoon Habtoor complains about entry process for Mohammed Ali Palace

Emirati business giant Khalaf al-Habtoor posted a video clip in which he touched on “complications and questions” that prevented him from being allowed to enter the Mohammed Ali Palace in Cairo.

In the video, which he posted on his Twitter account, Habtoor said: “In Cairo, we tried today to enter the palace of Mohammed Ali Pasha, but unfortunately we were unable to do so because of the number of questions and complications that prevented our entry. I hope that the existing entry system is modified to make the visitor’s experience comfortable and to leave a good impression. I am conveying this note out of love for Egypt and out of concern for its interest.”

“I hope the governor, if he is responsible for this, will interfere in the matter. How come they do not allow us to enter? I wanted to say this out of my love for you and Egypt.”

The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities responded to the video clip with a tweet on its official account, saying: “We were honored today by the visit and we regret any misunderstanding as a result of the restoration work in the palace. We will invite you soon to a visit after the completion of the work. Special greetings from Egypt.”

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