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Emigration law establishes new registration protocol for Egyptians to obtain legal immigrant status

The Emigration and Sponsoring Egyptians Abroad Law has established a new registration protocol for every person entitled to priority access to immigration or work opportunities abroad available at relevant ministries.

Article #6 of the law stipulates that, without prejudice to the right of Egyptians to immigrate, those wishing to permanently immigrate shall be registered upon their request within a register prepared for this purpose in the ministry responsible for immigration affairs.

Immigration opportunities that may be available at the ministry shall be distributed to those registered on the basis of their specializations, capabilities, specializations, and needs required in the diaspora countries, while adhering to the priority of registration within the register.

The minister responsible for immigration affairs may determine priorities for certain specializations or qualifications required in diaspora countries or redundant in Egypt, and regulate registration in the aforementioned register alongside its procedures and conditions.

Those who hold certificates from the training centers and qualification courses referred to in this law enjoy priority in obtaining immigration or work opportunities abroad available at the relevant ministries and agencies according to their required specializations.

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