EMA warns against Monday weather

Member of the Egyptian Meteorological Authority’s media office Manar Ghanem warned of the great discrepancy between temperatures during the day and night hours, as it reaches 12C.

During phone interview with etc channel, Ghanem explained that temperatures are higher than normal during this period of the year.

“We feel warm weather during the daytime hours, while the night temperatures drop dramatically and record 5C in some cities such as St. Catherine,” she said.

Ghanem emphasized on wearing winter clothes.

She warned motorists against mist that limit horizontal visibility during daylight hours on highways, agricultural roads close to water bodies, and roads leading to and from Greater Cairo.

She appealed to motorists to exercise caution when driving on these roads to prevent traffic accidents and to preserve the safety of pedestrians and passengers.

Cold weather prevails at night and in the early morning hours and moderate during the day in Greater Cairo, northern and southern parts of Lower Egypt and the northern coasts, moderately hot weather prevails in northern Upper Egypt, and hot weather prevails in South Sinai and southern Upper Egypt, while cold weather prevails with the onset of the night hours.

Temperatures in Cairo are 24C during the day and 15C at night, Alexandria 23C during the day and 14C at night, and Aswan 28C during the day and 12C at night.

While there is a sharp drop in temperatures at night in some cities to below 10C, such as the governorates of northern Upper Egypt (Fayoum – Beni Suef – Sohag – Assiut – Minya), Siwa and St. Catherine.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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