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EMA gives good news to citizens about this week’s weather

A member of the media center at the Egyptian Meteorological Authority, Mahmoud al-Qayati, said that the Indian seasonal monsoon has begun to recede in its impact on Egypt, and a high-pressure area began to appear coming from Europe towards the Mediterranean Sea, passing through Egypt and Libya.

This has helped decrease temperatures, he explained, with continued improvement in weather conditions expected during the coming days.

He explained that this has contributed to a decrease in temperatures during the current period, with further continued improvement in weather conditions during the coming days.

During a telephone interview with the CBC channel, on Saturday, Qayati added that the weather will witness more improvement brought on by wind speeds reaching 35 km per hour.

He expected the weather to continue to be mild and the temperatures to drop below normal degrees during this period of every year, with mild weather to prevail until the end of this week.

Qayati added that the heights of the waves in the Mediterranean and Red seas will not exceed two meters in the worst case, which allows the practice of activities such as fishing and others.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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