EMA expects varied weather temperatures over coming few days

The Egyptian Meteorological Authority anticipates varied weather temperatures in the coming days, adding that temperatures will rise significantly during the day and decrease by night to become cold.

Dense mist will form in the morning from five am to seven am especially on the agricultural and highway roads in Greater Cairo, the northern coasts, central Sinai, northern Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt on Wednesday.

The Meteorological Authority advised citizens to wear heavy clothes during the night and early morning and called for caution whilst driving on the highways.

Meteorologists expect temperatures to drop in Cairo and Lower Egypt Wednesday by two degrees, with the maximum recorded at 28C.


Maximum temperatures on Wednesday are:

Cairo and Lower Egypt 28C

Northern Upper Egypt 30C

Southern Upper Egypt 33C

Northern coasts 27C

South Sinai 30C


Weather forecast until Sunday

Cairo 26C

Northern coasts 25C

South Sinai 29C

Northern Upper Egypt 27C

Southern Upper Egypt 33C


Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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