Eleven arrested for involvement in downtown fight

Security forces have arrested 11 suspects involved in a fight that erupted in Abdel Aziz Street in downtown Cairo on Wednesday. The suspects were carrying pistols, swords and pocket knives.

A source at the Health Ministry said that 88 people were injured in the fight, including five policemen.

The fight started in the afternoon between two shop owners over a customer, but soon escalated when one of them brought some 300 thugs who attacked the shops and the people on the street. They carried Molotov cocktails and shotguns, and attacked the police when they tried to stop them from looting the shops.

An eyewitness said military police came to the scene but quickly withdrew without becoming involved.

At 10 pm, the thugs returned and tried to storm the police station, but local residents protected it by forming a human shield around the building.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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