Electricity Ministry urges public to reduce consumption

The Electricity Ministry has launched a campaign on its official website calling on citizens to reduce their personal electricity consumption.

The campaign advises citizens to make sure windows are closed when they turn on their air conditioners and to only take warm showers in winter. It also recommends the purchase of solar-energy heaters.

The campaign also calls on Egyptians to paint the interiors of their homes white so as to allow optimum sunlight, thereby reducing the need for electric lighting during daytime hours.

It also urges the public to dry laundry in the sun as opposed to using electric dryers, and to use washing machines at maximum capacity so as to reduce the number of total washes. It also calls on citizens to use gas rather than electric ovens.

“After all, it’s the citizen that pays the bill at the end of the day,” said ministry spokesman Aktham Abul Ela.

Housewife Basma Aboud, for her part, said the ministry should stick to advising the government and leave the people alone. “The street lights are kept on unnecessarily until 6:00 AM,” Aboud complained.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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