Elections commission unveils timetable for parliamentary poll

The High Elections Commission (HEC) on Wednesday announced the official timetable for parliamentary elections slated for 28 November.

The schedule will run as follows:

November 3-7: Candidacy applications
November 8-11: Applications for female candidates quota
November 12-14: Review of complaints
November 15: Deadline for candidacy withdrawals
November 16-27: Logistics meetings with polling station personnel
November 28: Election day
December 5: Runoffs
December 6-8: Runoffs results

Egypt's Council of Ministers, meanwhile, called on the HEC to provide all political parties with equal opportunity to air their respective electoral campaigns on state television and radio stations. The council also requested that the HEC forbid candidates from giving cash or presents to voters and from using religiously-themed electoral slogans.

The council further asked the HEC to allow civil society organizations to monitor the balloting.

“The government is keen to hold free and fair elections,” council spokesman Magdi Rady said.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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