Elderly Greek citizen gifts two Roman artifacts to Alexandria

An 81-year-old Greek citizen offered two Roman artifacts as gifts to the governorate of Alexandria on Sunday.

Alexandria Governor Mohamed al-Sherif received a phone call at his office from Greek citizen Angelos Varonos, who said he was born in Alexandria and wanted to give the governorate a gift.

The two pieces were the crown and base of a Roman archaeological column, passed down from Varonos’s family.

Sherif received Varanos at his office in the presence of Director General of Alexandria Antiquities Khaled Aboul Hamd.

Varonos spoke of the love he feels towards Alexandria and how grateful he was that his grandson helped him fulfill his wish of giving something back to the governorate.

A committee from the Governorate and Antiquities Directorate, headed by Aboul Hamd, were dispatched to Varonos’s home and the two pieces to the Kom al-Dikka area, in preparation to transfer them to the Ministry of Antiquities.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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