ElBaradei says smear campaign relaunched against him

Presidential hopeful Mohamed ElBaradei on Wednesday accused remnants of former President Hosni Mubarak's regime of launching a campaign to tarnish his image.

“Smear campaign against me back in full force. Old regime still intact. You can suppress people but not ideas,” ElBaradei tweeted.

Last week, activist Mamdouh Hamza launched a fierce attack against ElBaradei and accused him of having strong ties to Zionist institutions. He alleged ElBaradei has relations with Zionist billionaire George Soros and serves on the board of trustees for one of his institutions.

Hamza had said he rejected appointing ElBaradei as head of a national salvation government as some activists have proposed.

In September 2010, ElBaradei accused Mubarak’s regime of using state-run media to launch a campaign against him and banning him from appearing on some TV channels.

Media channels loyal to Mubarak had published more than 30 photos of ElBaradei’s daughter in a swimsuit at the beach with her husband under the title “Secrets of ElBaradei’s family.”

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