ElBaradei returns to Egypt to convene with support base

Former UN nuclear chief and potential presidential candidate Mohamed ElBaradei on Sunday returned to Cairo after a visit to Vienna lasting several weeks.

ElBaradei will tour a number of governorates, including Minya, where he plans to meet with National Association for Change (NAC) members.

The former diplomat will also head to Aswan on 17 December. The Popular Campaign for Supporting ElBaradei and other national forces will gather people to receive him and lend their support for his seven-point reform campaign.

More than 900,000 people have signed the NAC petition.

ElBaradei previously called for boycotting parliamentary elections but prominent opposition forces rejected the notion.

Parliamentary run-offs wrapped up on Sunday, delivering a sweeping victory to the ruling National Democratic Party.

Critics cited low turnout rates and evidence of fraud throughout the electoral process.

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