ElBaradei facing dishonesty charges

Nasr City Misdemeanor Court is convening on 9 September to consider a lawsuit filed by a law professor, accusing recently resigned vice president for international relations Mohamed ElBaradei of dishonesty.
Sayed Atiq, a law professor at the University of Helwan filed the claim against Mohamed ElBaradei on Tuesday.
Atiq said ElBaradei was chosen for the post in his capacity as a representative of the National Salvation Front to serve the nation, not in any personal capacity.
He added that Egypt's Tamarod movement collected the signatures of millions of people, and that ElBaradei accepted the job but later resigned, which he considers a betrayal of trust.
Atiq suggested ElBaradei should have consulted national political forces before reaching his decision.
He also said ElBaradei’s resignation created an unfavourable impression within the international community, tarnishing the image of the Egyptian government.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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