ElBaradei appears to reverse ‘constitution first’ stance

In an apparent reversal of his previous stance, potential presidential candidate Mohamed ElBaradei said he is not against holding elections before a constitution is drafted, according to Al-Shorouk newspaper. ElBaradei has previously been a proponent of the controversial  "constitution first" campaign.

In a meeting with several Sufi sheikhs late on Tuesday, he called for creating a plan with a clear timetable for Egypt's transition to a civilian government.

ElBaradei said the country has been through a state of constitutional chaos for six months, according to privately-owned Al-Shorouk.
He also emphasized the need for unity and the importance of drafting the constitution under civilian rule. He said there should be a national consensus among political forces to achieve the revolution’s demands.
He also emphasized the Islamic identity of Egypt and said Al-Azhar should return to its stance as a representative for moderate Islam.
ElBaradei denounced the way security forces cleared the Tahrir Square sit-in on Monday.
"There was a mistake," ElBaradei said. "Security should have been in the square since the first day.”
ElBaradei called for the immediate release of protesters who were detained but did not commit crimes.
"If their crime was protesting, then it’s the same of what was happening under rule of former regime," he said.
He also demanded that people focus on the upcoming period and leave trials of former officials to the judiciary.

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