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El Dabaa Nuclear Project is the largest cooperation project between Egypt and Russia

Alexei Kononenko, Vice President of Atom Astroy Export and Project Manager of the Dabaa Nuclear Station, confirmed that there are a number of contracts signed with Egypt by the Russian nuclear corporation Rosatom and its subsidiaries, which include a commitment to supply nuclear fuel to the Dabaa Station through the fuel company.

The Vice President of Atom added, in statements to Al-Ahram on the sidelines of the Atom Expo Nuclear Energy Forum in Russia, that there is another contract related to support, operation and training to complete the system, where the Egyptian side is being trained for the safe and efficient operation of the station, as there are currently about 200 authority cadres in Russian territory for training.

He pointed out that the Dabaa Nuclear Project is the largest cooperation project between Egypt and Russia, and that the design of the third-generation station is the most technologically advanced station in the world and the safest in the world.

In a related context, Kononenko said in his statements on the sidelines of the international forum that the Egyptian side requested adding exclusive features to the design, including that it can withstand a 9-degree earthquake and the collision of a large commercial plane with it, in addition to operating a heat disposal system with the most advanced system in the world.

He pointed out that the benefits of the project are not limited only to producing electrical energy and providing a reliable energy source, but rather extend to great economic benefits, enhancing industrial technology, and creating great job opportunities that make it possess the expertise that qualifies it to work in major projects.

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