Eight employees referred to disciplinary trial over Tutankhamun mask maintenance blunder

The Administrative Control Authority ordered the referral of eight workers at the Egyptian Museum to a disciplinary trial on Saturday over negligence and the consequent damage caused to the golden mask of Pharaoh King Tutankhamun, one of Egypt’s priceless ancient treasures and the museum’s most outstanding piece.
Citing investigations, the authority said the workers made “flagrant violations to scientific and professional standards” while dealing with the mask, which “caused damages and scratches” to the piece.
Authority spokesperson Mohamed Samir said in a press statement on Saturday that the referred workers include the museum’s former general manager, the former head of renovations and six other antiquity maintenance professionals.
Investigators said on two occasions, in August and November 2014, that the employees improperly handled the piece, causing the chin on the mask to detach, and worsened the situation by using the wrong glue to reattach it.
News of the damage sustained by the 3000-year-old piece first emerged in January 2015 amid denials and assurances by the Antiquities Ministry.
A German restoration expert was summoned to restore the damaged piece and it was back on display in December 2015.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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