Egypt’s world wonder obscured by garbage on ring road

Tourists traveling along Cairo's ring road on their way to the ancient Sakara complex this week were dismayed to find the road covered in piles of garbage.

Ironically, the famous pyramids of Giza–collectively considered one of the world's seven wonders–were obscured by the refuse, prompting tourists to snap pictures.

Frequent users of the ring road confirmed that the piles of garbage had suddenly appeared earlier this week.

According to Giza Sanitation Department Director Ahmed Nassar, maintenance and clean up of the ring road is the responsibility of 6 October City's municipal administration.

He went on to point out that his department had recently planted a number of trees along the section of the road under its jurisdiction.

6 October City Deputy Governor Al-Sayed al-Borei, however, said the Bridges and Roads Authority was responsible for keeping the ring road clean. Nevertheless, he promised to dispatch a team to inspect the area in question.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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