Egypt’s Suez Canal Authority launches biggest dredger in the Middle East

The Suez Canal Authority (SCA) and the Royal IHC (IHC) successfully launched the biggest cutter suction dredger in the Middle East on Friday.

The launch of the “Hussein Tantawy” dredger, named after the former head of the Supreme Council of Armed Forces, took place at the IHC’s shipyard in the Netherlands.

Its sister vessel, Mohab Mameesh, was launched in May and is expected to go on sea trials at the end of this year, an IHC statement said.

“Both Hussein Tantawy and Mohab Mameesh are among the largest vessels of their kind and were both specifically designed by IHC in close cooperation with the SCA. Like the Mohab Mameesh, the Hussein Tantawy is a 29,190kW heavy-duty rock dredger and will be used to maintain and improve the Suez Canal, which connects the Mediterranean and Red seas.”

“The vessel, characterized by its long slender shape and high spud towers, will have an overall length of 147.4 meters and provide a maximum dredging depth of 35 meters. Equipped with one submerged and two inboard dredge pumps, the installed cutter power will be 4,800kW,” read the statement.

The Chairman of the Suez Canal Authority Osama Rabie expressed his pleasure at the launch of the new dredger, which comes as part of the authority’s efforts to develop and modernize its fleet.

He also praised the fruitful cooperation with the Dutch arsenal, which us classified as the largest working arsenals in the field of building dredges.

Rabie noted the vital role the dredging fleet plays as the main pillar upon which the development strategy of the waterway depends.

He explained that the dredging fleet is the best guarantee to maintain the depth of the canal, which allows the passage of giant ships with large submersibles through periodic maintenance work.

And the IHC’s CEO Gerben Eggink said: “We are delighted that our close partnership with SCA has resulted in the launch of these two powerful and impressive vessels. They are testimony to the high level of cooperation between our two companies, as well as the determination, dedication and professionalism of all involved, to have delivered on time and to specification, in these most challenging of times.”

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