Egypt’s Sisi calls for withdraw of foreign fighters from Libya without procrastination

Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi stressed Friday that all foreign forces, mercenaries and foreign fighters must withdraw from Libya without exception or any further procrastination.

This came during Sisi’s speech before the Paris International Conference for Libya co-chaired by France, Germany, Italy, Libya and the United Nations, with the participation of high-level international and regional officials.

Sisi called on the conference to define a clear and binding time range for the implementation of the exit of all foreign forces, mercenaries and foreign fighters who entered Libya after 2011 so that things would not go backwards, as happened in several previous stages.

He expressed his desire for the successful completion of the long-awaited elections, scheduled for December 24, so that Libya would return to its position and its active Arab and regional role.

Sisi reiterated Egypt’s full readiness to provide all forms of support to Libya to implement the 5+5 Libyan Joint Military Commission in this regard.

“I assure you once again that Egypt has been and will continue to support the Libyan people and the ongoing international and regional efforts to achieve their ambitions,” he stressed.

“I warn against the attempts of some parties inside and outside Libya to undermine any progress on this path under false pretexts.”

Sisi added, “I call on all actors inside and outside Libya to rise up to the level of the event, act responsibly and with rational logic, and stop illusions of expansion, influence and tampering with the capabilities and security of others, and stop the policy of imposing a de facto situation using military or physical force.”

And he called to not provide “Safe havens or any form of support to terrorist and extremist groups, or transferring their elements from one country to another, in order to get Libya out of its crisis and alleviate the suffering of its people.”

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