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Egypt’s presidential advisor explains levels of coronavirus infection

Coronavirus infections fall under three types, the Advisor to the President of the Republic for Health Affairs, Mohamed Awad Tag Eddin, said.

He explained that of the first infected people do not show any symptoms, then there those who show symptoms shared with the common cold, and in the third the infected – especially those with chronic diseases – may develop inflammation in the airways.

Tag Eddin revealed further details about the EG.5 variant and ways to prevent it, after the Ministry of Health confirmed two positive cases of the disease in Egypt.

He told Channel One on Wednesday, that so far what distinguishes the new variant is that it is the most widespread.

Patients infected with the EG.5 coronavirus variant may not show any symptoms, he warned, but assured that in the vast majority of cases the virus shows mild symptoms.

People can reduce the spread of the virus by isolating at home if they suffer common cold symptoms, he said, and also advised to always use paper tissues when sneezing or coughing.

In the event of respiratory symptoms a doctor should be consulted, he added.

Nothing more is required except awareness of preventive information, as there is little threat from the disease, Tag Eddin said.

Medicines are available in Egypt and hospitals are fully equipped, he said, adding that the incubation period for the EG.5 may be from three to four days.

He advised high-risk groups such as the elderly, patients with tumors and chronic diseases, or those with immune problems to take booster doses of the coronavirus vaccination.

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