Egypt’s Presidential Adviser warns against following coronavirus treatments from internet

Egypt’s Presidential Adviser for Health and Preventive Affairs Mohamed Awad Tag Eddin warned civilians during a Tuesday phone call on the “Extra News” satellite channel to avoid following any coronavirus treatment guides taken from the internet.

He stressed that all treatment protocols must first be prescribed from a doctor, and added that any vaccine that is used inside Egypt for coronavirus patients is examined by the regulatory authorities.

He stressed that while there is no cure for the virus, its symptoms can be treated.

“I hope that no one uses any drug without consulting a doctor,” he said.

The head of Egypt’s Scientific Committee to Combat Coronavirus, Hossam Hosni, said on Sunday that the coronavirus vaccine will likely need to be taken annually.

During an interview with Extra News TV Channel, Hosni echoed other officials on public concern over the vaccine, saying that the chance of getting a blood clot from the AstraZeneca vaccine is five in a million, whereas one in 10 women get blood clots from taking oral contraceptives.

He further stressed that the vaccine is safe and effective, and called on the public to register for the vaccine.

Some countries, such as the UK, he added, are aiming to finish vaccinating their populations by the end of the summer.

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