Egypt’s police to enroll Sinai Bedouins for first time

Interior Minister Mansour al-Essawy has said that Sinai's Bedouins will be enrolled in various police academies for the first time. 

During a meeting with Sinai's tribal chiefs on Thursday, Essawy said that more than 1000 Bedouin students would join the Police Academy in the next academic year, a security official told Al-Masry Al-Youm.
He also promised to reinstate security in Sinai, which he said has further deteriorated over the past month.
Essawy confirmed that security patrols and a new plan have been applied in Sinai, and said the ministry had already begun to create permanent checkpoints as well as patrols in the cities. 
Essawy promised the Sinai leaders he would convey their demands to the cabinet and the Supreme Council of Armed Forces, especially those regarding court decisions handed down in absentia for some Bedouins and the national Sinai development project.
The minister said during the meeting that the security situation in Sinai must be returned to its former status in cooperation with the people. He asked the Bedouin leaders to cooperate with the security agencies to catch outlaws and maintain security. 
Essawy said he had ordered security forces in Sinai to deal firmly with anyone who attempts to terrorize citizens.
Translated from the Arabic Edition

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