Egypt’s PM to visit India at the end of May

Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil al-Araby is scheduled to pay an official visit to India from 28 to 31 May.

It is the first visit for an Egyptian official to India since January 25 revolution that ousted former President Hosni Mubarak.

Khaled al-Baqly, Egypt’s ambassador to India, said on Thursday that Araby will meet with the Indian Vice President Hamid Ansari, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Indian Minister of External Affairs S.M. Krishna.

Baqly said that Araby will discuss new developments on both regional and international levels as well as a means of enhancing and developing the bilateral relations between the two countries.

Araby also plans to give a lecture at the United Service Institute in India (USI), an institute specializing in the study of national security and defense. The institute, which has hosted many international leaders, is one of the most prestigious institutes in India and dates back to 1840.

Many Arab and African diplomats, in addition to senior academics and Indian media representatives, will attend the lecture.

Egypt previously had announced its willingness to import Indian technologies to use in the coming parliamentary elections slated for September, particularly as electronic voting is expected to be used for the first time.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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