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Egypt’s National Elections Authority accepts requests to monitor presidential elections

The Board of Directors of the National Elections Authority, headed by Judge Walid Hamza, met on Tuesday to finalize all necessary preparations for the upcoming presidential elections, which included accepting requests to monitor the upcoming presidential elections.

The meeting discussed requests submitted by local and foreign civil society organizations, alongside requests submitted by press institutions, media outlets, and local news websites to cover the electoral process.

The Board of Directors accepted all applications that met the legal registration procedures.

He assigned the authority’s executive body to examine the remaining applications submitted in accordance with the provisions of National Elections Authority Resolutions #22 and #23 of 2019 regulating registration in two databases for registering civil society organizations, and media coverage to follow up on elections and referendums.

The National Elections Authority called on all media outlets and social media users not to share any news National Elections Authority unless it is published through official sources.


Egyptian presidential elections 2024

Article 140 of the constitution stipulates that the Egyptian presidential election procedures must begin at least 120 days before the end of the presidential term, and the results must be announced at least 30 days before the end of this period.

Lawyer Tarek al-Awadi said that the last presidential elections were in 2018 and their results were announced on April 2, 2018, and this necessarily entails that the procedures for the next presidential elections begin at the end of this year in accordance with the constitution and the law.

Awadi clarified that the matter is not holding early presidential elections, as some claim, and this is the entitlements of the constitution, not a personal viewpoint.

The president in Egypt is elected for a six-year term, and he may not hold the presidency for more than two consecutive presidential terms.

According to previous western reports, the current President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi wants to advance the date of the elections, but this is the first time that an announcement in this regard be issued from within the political system, and from Representative Bakri.

The presidential candidate is required to be endorsed by at least 20 members of the House of Representatives, or to obtain signatures of support from at least 25,000 citizens.

The President in Egypt is elected by direct secret ballot.

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