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Egypt’s Medical City to open by end of 2025

The Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Ain Shams University Tarek Youssef announced the latest developments in the Ain Shams University Hospital and Heliopolis Medical City project.

He explained that the medical city is a three-pronged project that is ongoing and is expected to be finished by the end of 2025.

Youssef elaborated on the three main components of the medical city project:

  • Infrastructure and Safety: Upgrading the infrastructure and general site of the hospitals, including fire safety and waste management systems.
  • Renovation and Replacement: Renovating and replacing old buildings, particularly those dating back to 1928.
  • New Construction: Building new facilities, including an emergency hospital, a surgery hospital, and a blood bank. This component of the project is being implemented in phases and has faced delays in the annual plans, but with the support of the Minister of Higher Education and Ain Shams University the project is on track to be completed.

The government is working on developing the self-resources of hospitals, including traditional ones such as the proceeds of decisions at the expense of the state and health insurance.

Its prime objectives include developing economic treatments and expanding them to provide medical services for a fee to able patients.

This will be done while adhering to the decisions of the Prime Minister to provide free treatment in emergency hospitals, along with civil society organizations, institutions and bank donations.

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