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Egypt’s harsh heat wave will continue another week: EMA

Weather maps show that the heat wave that started in Egypt since last Thursday will continue until next week, a member of the Media Center of the Egyptian Meteorological Authority Manar Ghanem announced.

The heatwave will last until the end of July according to current predictions due to the seasonal depression in India, but hot weather will decease by Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Temperatures will rise again by Monday.

The India seasonal depression is one of the biggest pressure distributions in the summer, as it is accompanied by air masses – most of which are very hot, Ghanem said, adding the India seasonal depression forms on high areas in India and affects Asia, Africa and Europe.

The seasonal depression in India moves counterclockwise in pressure values, and thus the air masses affecting the weather in Egypt are coming from the east.

These masses have temperatures reaching 55C, however she explained that as it passes through Mediterranean, it grows moderate and falls to between 35-38C.

However these air masses carried by the India seasonal depression are also loaded with water vapor and humidity.

The seasonal India depression affects Egypt during the summer, specifically in July and August, and started in India in April, she continued.

Egypt witnessed very hot and humid weather on Wednesday in Greater Cairo, the northern coasts, and South Sinai, with maximum temperatures in Cairo at 38C.

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