Egypt’s Grand Mufti calls for joint projects among Muslims and Copts

Egypt’s Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa on Tuesday called for joint commercial and development projects to be established among Muslims and Christians in a move to overcome attempts to spread sectarianism.

During a press conference at Dar al-Ifta, Gomaa also called for cultural and television programs geared toward youth to foster the spirit of tolerance, unity and cooperation among Egyptians.  

Gomaa asserted that all Egyptians, both Muslims and Copts, are standing side by side to overcome a terrorism that does not differentiate between Muslims and Christians, but instead targets Egypt’s stability.

“We won’t allow terrorists to ruin our Christmas celebrations,” said Gomaa.

Gomaa commended Pope Shenouda’s stance on not canceling the celebrations, saying, “Pope Shenouda did well. We won’t stop our life for the sake of terrorists. We’ll simply tell them what God said [‘Perish in your rage’].”

Gomaa described the Alexandria church bomber as “insane,” and said the incidents were terrorist not sectarian. He also described terrorism as a “stiff mentality.”

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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