Egypt’s Education Minister presents education alternatives in anticipation of possible ‘second wave’

In the face of a second wave of coronavirus, the Egyptian Minister of Education, Tarek Shawky, announced on Wednesday that public school students can choose one of three alternatives regarding their attendance during the 2021-22 school year.

During an interview with TV anchor Ramy Radwan on Egypt’s “Masaa DMC” TV program, Shawky revealed that the first option is for students is to attend a mixture of online and on-site classes.

Students also can transfer their studies entire to their homes, a program in which students are granted access to education TV channels and electronic libraries. With this option, students must present to their schools only for exams.

Finally, students may postpone their studies to the 2022-2023 academic year.

Shawky announced in a press conference in September that attendance schedules and study plans were being put in place in proportion to each school, according to the student population size and the availability of the internet in students’ homes.

Students without internet access were given the option to attend school and utilize the resources the schools have to offer, which is particularly important for primary-aged children.

Egypt’s Ministry of Education has provided schools with the technical and financial support they need to accommodate all students.

The adviser to Egypt’s President on Health and Prevention Affairs, Mohamed Awad Tag Eddin, said on Tuesday that the coronavirus pandemic in Egypt is still ongoing and that a second wave is highly likely.

He added that citizens need to maintain precautionary measures to prevent a second wave.

According to Tag Eddin, the alarming figures in other countries are not an indication of the situation in Egypt, because each country has different circumstances.

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