Egypt’s education minister confirms no second term exams for school students

Education Minister Tarek Shawky confirmed on Tuesday that there will be no exams for the second term, as they will be substituted by monthly exams.

Shawky’s statement came in response to requests from parents not to hold second term exams in anticipation of any emergency in managing the coronavirus crisis.

For the first and second secondary grades, the Ministry of Education announced that exams will be held at school headquarters, with examinations conducted via cloud computing.

In a letter to the educational directorates, the ministry confirmed that the first and second secondary school examinations will not be held outside the school in any way, and in the event that the student attends the exam from outside the school, the student will be considered failing.

In the event of any confirmed or suspected coronavirus infection, parents must inform the school of the illness as soon and provide medical reports approved by a hospital to the school administration to postpone their examination to a later time determined by the ministry.

It is not permissible under any circumstances to take the exam on paper for students who take the exam electronically, the ministry added.

And the heads of educational directorates will take the necessary decisions to re-distribute students on examination committees in order to achieve the best performance for the exams, while abiding by all precautionary measures such as social distancing.

The Ministry of Education stated that private schools will be committed to providing the halls and internet for their students to perform the exam at its headquarters, and will hand over daily student attendance sheets to the Student Affairs and Examinations Department in the educational administration as soon as the exam ends.

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