Egypt’s agricultural exports increase by five percent during January and February

The Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation al-Sayed al-Quseir, announced Sunday, that the volume of Egyptian agricultural exports has increased to about one million tons since the beginning of this year up until February, with an increase of five percent compared to the same period of last year.

In a statement on Sunday, Quseir said that the most important agricultural exports during this period are: citrus fruits, potatoes, onions, strawberries, pomegranates, sweet potatoes, beans, beets, guavas, peppers, mangoes, and garlic.

The total agricultural exports of citrus reached 68,286 tons.

The minister added that Egypt exported 10,794 tons of potatoes, it ranked second in agricultural exports after citrus fruits, and 22,732 tons of onions, ranking third in exports, and strawberries ranked fourth in agricultural exports with a total of 13,187 tons.

Quseir added that Egypt’s exports of sweet potatoes ranked fifth in exports, with a total of 12,153 tons, while Egypt’s exports of beets ranked sixth with a total of 7,265 tons, while Egypt’s exports of beans ranked seventh with a total of 7,447 tons, followed by pomegranate in the eighth place with a total of 5,779 tons.

Egypt’s exports of guavas ranked ninth in exports, with a total amount of 3,643 tons, while pepper ranked tenth in agricultural exports with a total of 1,737 tons, and garlic ranked eleventh with a total of 1,064 tons, and mango on the 12th and last place, with a total of 296 tons.

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