Egyptologist claims Prophet Mohammed of Egyptian roots

Egyptologist Wassim al-Sisi, who claimed that Prophet Mohammed had Egyptian, not Arab, origin, explained the reasons that led him to make his claim.

“The prophet, peace be upon him, has roots from Egypt, and we are his descendants, from Bani Abd Manaf,” Sisi said, referring to Prophet Mohammed’s roots.

“God has chosen Kenana, and from Kenana has chosen Bani Abd Manaf, and from Bani Abd Manaf has chosen Quraysh and from the Quraysh has chose Bani Hashim. So I am the best of the best. Also, Hajar is one of us,” he said.

Sisi added, during televised statements on the Al-Hadath Al-Youm channel: “There is a mural showing that the Pharaohs prostrated on their chins, and this is what was stated in the words of God Almighty in Surat Al-Isra: ‘for when it is read to those who had received the knowledge that were sent before, they bow down and prostrate themselves before the Lord.’”

Egyptians currently repeat some words in some songs of Pharaonic origin, for example, the Ramadan song lyrics, “Wahawi Ya Wahawi Eyoha”, which means “welcome, welcome Queen Ahhotep,” he continued.

Queen Ahhotep raised armies and her husband was killed in war. His mummy is in the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, he added.

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