Egyptians lash out at Lebanese singer Myriam Fares on Twitter

Lebanese pop star Myriam Fares topped Twitter hashtags in Egypt, after she posted an advertisement for a real estate company in an Egyptian coastal village.

Fares previously disrespected Egypt two years ago on the sidelines of the Morocco Mawazine International Music Festival in 2019.

During a press conference that was held for her before her concert at the festival, Fares said that she has become too much for the Egyptians, and they no longer ask for her concerts because they cannot afford her, saying: “My wage is high for them.”

Since then, the singer has been wildly unpopular among Egyptians.

Among the comments on the recent ad was a tweet that said: “Wasn’t Egypt weighing heavy on your heart? Now, you miss Egypt? Egypt is too big for you.”

Another comment said: “Isn’t it the same Egypt you said you were too much for? You were never going to be a trend except through Egypt. Remember these words well.”

Artist Karim Afify also criticized the advertisement, writing through his Twitter account: “Did not she say that she was too much for Egypt? Why is she making ads for us now?”

Ignoring the negative comments, Fares posted own account on Twitter: “I enjoyed working on this campaign for the benefit of a real estate project. I hope that the new song “Hala Helwa” (A Sweet Mood) will receive your approval.”

She added: “I am so happy with the success that followed the song and the advertisement. I am so happy I am trending in Egypt less than 24 hours after the ad was released. I miss you, Egypt.”

Meanwhile, there were some positive comments that Fares received on the ad, including: “And Egypt misses you back so much and tells you: we want to see you in big roles such as that in ‘Al-Etteham’ (TV drama).”

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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