Egyptian youth movements denounce soccer rampage

Various political groups reacted angrily to violence on Saturday during a soccer match between Zamalek and Tunisia's Club Africain team.

A riot occurred during the last minutes of the match after hundreds of Zamalek fans rushed onto the field, angry with a decision the referee made. Nine people were injured.

The 25 January Revolution Youth Coalition and the Free Peaceful Change Front issued statements describing the events at Cairo Stadium as an attempt to crush the 25 January revolution. They both said that such incidents prove that a counter-revolution does exist.

The youth coalition said thugs and supporters of the ousted regime want to tarnish Egypt's revolution, which was inspired by Tunisia's.

Meanwhile, Egyptian internet users offered apologies on Facebook to Tunisians. Around 60,000 Facebook users joined a page entitled “Egyptians, we accept your apology."

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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