Egyptian TV: Muslim and Copt suspects arrested over sectarian incitement

Egyptian authorities have arrested one Muslim and one Christian suspected of involvement in igniting sectarian clashes in a Cairo suburb on Saturday, which left 12 dead and 240 injured, Egypt's state-run TV announced on Monday.

Violent battles between Muslims and Christians raged in Imbaba following rumors of a female Muslim convert allegedly held in a church.

Egynews, the Egyptian state TV website, quoted an anonymous security source as saying the woman's husband, Yassin Anwar, 31, had been arrested along with a Christian cafe owner and 21 others thought to be involved.

A military source told Al-Masry Al-Youm that the military had received information about a plot to plunge the country into civil war by provoking sectarian feuds.

According to the source, the perpetrators behind the plot are elements from the disbanded National Democratic Party. The source added that the scheme aims to sabotage the 25 January revolution and spread chaos so they can proceed with unlawful activities.

On Sunday, the military police declared the detention of 190 people involved in the unrest. They will be tried in military courts.

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