Egyptian TV host ridiculed over questions for football star Messi

An interview conducted with Barcelona's Argentinian football star Lionel Messi on the MBC Masr channel has been widely ridiculed by Egyptians on social networking sites due to the strange questions from the anchor.
Here are the top 10 most controversial and thought-provoking questions:
1. The candy
At the beginning of the interview, the anchor welcomed Messi and offered him sweets, pointing out they are his favorite. She then asked him, "Is this candy the same brand you like or another one?"
2. Messi's grandmother 
The host moved to Messi's childhood years, asking: "Did your grandmother use to ask your father to take care of you?"
3. Happiness and sadness
She asked Messi about his childhood in Argentina, whether he led a happy life or not: "At the beginning of life, there are moments of happiness and moments of sadness. For you, at the beginning did you feel sad or happy?"
4. Argentinian football
"You play, of course, for the Argentinian national team. What's the difference between how the Argentinian team plays and how Barcelona plays?"
5. The World Cup
"The 2018 World Cup is Messi's last chance to win the World Cup. What is the Argentinian team lacking in order to win the cup? Is it financial capabilities?" 
6. Where's the question?
The host directed a question to Messi that seemed more like a series of statements: "In Egypt, the two most popular teams are Ahly and Zamalek, while in Spain the largest two teams are Real Madrid and Barcelona. In the last Classico, the Egyptian people were very keen on following that match."
7. His son
The host asked Messi how old his son is, to which he replied two years and two months old. She then responded: "Can you tell if he is talented at football?" Messi replied that it was too early yet to judge whether he has any skill at football.
8. The media spotlight

"Does your son watch your matches in stadiums? Or you do prefer not to put him in the media spotlight?"

9.  Food
"What is your favorite food?" After he responded, she said: "I hope you will visit Egypt soon to taste the Egyptian food."
10. The bomb
The host displayed a video for an Egyptian child playing with a tennis ball, then asked Messi, "Can you imitate that Egyptian child and play like him with a tennis ball or an orange?"

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