Egyptian Sufis to form political party

In a meeting on Thursday, 18 Sufi orders agreed to establish a committee for forming the Sufi political party.

The orders chose lawyer Ahmed Abdo Maher as their representative to register the party at the public registration office.

The meeting was attended by political activists from the National Association for Change, Ibn Khaldun Center, and the Islamic Popular Leadership Organization (IPLO).

Establishing committee President Sheikh Mohamed Alaa Abul Azayem said the party will model itself after the model of Turkey’s Justice and Development Party in combating secularism and promoting social coexistence.

He added that “Freedom Party,” “Egypt Today Party,” “Social Coexistence Party,” and “Elite Party” were suggested as possibilities for the party’s name.

IPLO Deputy Secretary General Ahmed Shawqi Hefni, for his part, rejected the formation of a political party that does not intend to rule the country.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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