Egyptian State TV to run Wafd Party promotional ads

The stand off between the liberal Wafd opposition party and Egyptian national TV which had refused to run their campaign ads ended on Wednesday following successful  negotiations between secretary-general of the Wafd Party, Monir Fakhri Abdel Nour, and Information Minister Anas al-Fiky.

Al-Fiky stipulated that for the ads to be aired on state TV, the party must adhere to the standards of the committee charged with monitoring publicity campaigns and media coverage for November's parliamentary poll.

The committee made an initial agreement to run some of the campaign ads while refusing others containing direct publicity for particular candidates.

Bahaa Abu Shouqqa, a political advisor to the liberal Wafd Party said the dilemma with satellite television stations which also refused to run the party's ads would end within hours.

On the other hand, the Supreme Elections Committee refused a request by the Wafd Party for permission to run promotional ads for its candidates on state TV saying the electoral process regulations prohibit any promotional campaigning before the final list of candidates is announced on 14 November.

The committee also called on all candidates whether independent or affiliated with a party to abide strictly to all committee regulations to avoid legal implications.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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