Egyptian scientist calls on protesters to endure

Egyptian space scientist Farouk al-Baz called on Egyptian protesters in Tahrir to hold their ground until President Hosni Mubarak steps down.

In a message he addressed to the protesters via Al-Masry Al-Youm, al-Baz said, "You must stick to your just position until your chief demand–that of the departure of Mubarak–is met."

Al-Baz added that Mubarak should leave power to another leader who will be chosen in elections that the current government will prepare, under the supervision of the people and in conformity to the law.

He added that Egypt–the oldest civilization in the world–has suffered from three decades of corruption, a lack of vision, apathy, favoritism and suppression.

Addressing the protesting youth, he added, "You have proven to the entire world that the Egyptian people, who may have been submissive for a while, can eventually rise to protect this long-standing state and the dignity of its great people."

Al-Baz urged the protesters to stay away from parties and groups at this critical point, adding that the regime was trying to divide to conquer. "Your loyalty should first and foremost be to your homeland."

Al-Baz concluded his message with a call on the protesters to persevere, wishing them success.

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