Egyptian protesters break down Israeli embassy fence

Egyptian protesters on Friday broke down parts of a protective concrete wall outside the building housing the Israeli embassy in Cairo.

Protesters were using large wooden poles and hammers to bring down the wall. Others were dancing and singing in celebration as they carried the Egyptian flag. They chanted: "People want the wall down".

Light clashes took place between security forces and protesters who succeeded to bring down some parts of the concrete wall.

Eyewitnesses said one protester suffered from fractures and bruises after falling from the adjacent University Bridge while trying to tear down the wall.

Security forces set up the wall earlier this month, after thousands of angry Egyptians protested for more than a week outside the Israeli embassy, demanding that the country's military rulers expel the Israeli ambassador.

They were angered by the death of five Egyptian policemen, who died in August during a hunt for Palestinian militants near the border with Egypt.

The deaths have triggered outrage in Egypt, causing the worst crisis with Israel since the two countries signed a peace treaty in 1979.

Translated from the Arabic Edition. 

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