Egyptian protester injured during revolution dies in hospital

Mahmoud Khaled Qotb, 24, died on Monday from injuries sustained when he was run over by car, suspected of belonging to the US Embassy, on Qasr al-Aini Street during 28 January's Friday of Anger protests.

Khaled slipped into a coma after suffering a brain hemorrhage, skull and leg fractures, and losing an eye.

Nashwa Mesharrafa, from the Nebni Foundation, which paid for half the cost of his treatment, said Khaled first received treatment at the Nasr Institute and was then transferred to the Qasr al-Aini French hospital where he underwent several operations.

His health improved for a while, but then deteriorated after developing lung and heart problems in recent days.

Khaled was the breadwinner for a family of six. He worked at a shoe store and was planning to get married in May.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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