Egyptian prosecution investigates the Mubaraks’ wealth

The Egyptian lawyers syndicate said on Sunday that general prosecution will on Monday investigate reports about the wealth of former President Hosni Mubarak and his family.

Assaad Heikal, the syndicate’s freedoms committee coordinator, said it submitted reports to the general prosecutor on Wednesday. It included a report by Britain's Guardian newspaper on the fortune of Mubarak and his family, estimated at between US$40-70 billion.

In a statement, the committee noted that article 80 of the Constitution states the law should specify the president’s salary. Moreover, article 81 states that the president should not exercise any other profession or undertake any commercial, financial or industrial activity. He should not buy or rent anything using the country’s money.

The committee called on members, lawyers and Egyptians to follow up investigations and announced it will hold a press conference tomorrow after investigations conclude.

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