Egyptian parents arrested after offering daughter for sale on Facebook

Egyptian security services have arrested two people in Cairo for offering their infant daughter for sale on Facebook.

The Department of Combating Illegal Migration and Human Trafficking in the country’s Interior Ministry confirmed that a woman announced on Facebook her desire to sell her daughter, asking interested customers to message her.

After conducting investigations, the police successfully identified the woman and her husband.

According to investigations, the woman resided in Naga Hammadi, Qena, and her husband in Matariya, Cairo.

The two were arrested as they were selling the infant in exchange for a sum of money in Cairo’s al-Waily neighborhood.

A mobile phone containing many messages and text and voice conversations about the sale was found in the woman’s possession.

The suspects admitted that the infant was their daughter, and that they had a birth certificate for her confirming them as her parents. They added that difficult financial conditions prompted them to commit the crime.

IMAGE: A Facebook user logs in on his mobile at a cafe in Hanoi, Vietnam November 19, 2020. REUTERS/Kham

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