Egyptian Navy receives S-44 submarine at Alexandria base

A German-made S-44 model 209/1400 submarine arrived at Alexandria Naval Base on Monday, coming from the port of Kiel in Germany, the Egyptian Navy announced.

The accession of the submarine represents the Navy’s growing combat abilities and competence in preserving stability and security in the Mediterranean and Red Seas, as well as in the Suez Canal.

Egypt received the submarine according to an agreement with Germany according to which it will receive a total of four submarines between 2017 to 2021.

In a speech celebrating the arrival of the submarine, Lieutenant-General Ahmed Khaled, Commander of the Naval Forces, stressed that the Navy’s keenness to possess the latest naval armament systems and its commitment to protecting Egypt’s coasts and economic interests.

The reception ceremony was attended by commanders of the armed forces, veteran commanders of the navy, the German ambassador in Cairo, the German military attache in Cairo, students of the Naval College and the College of Air Defense, Alexandria University students, and a large crowd of Alexandrians.

The ceremony also included a massive naval parade alongside Alexandria’s coast, which included more than fifty different naval units, including submarines and frigates.

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