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Egyptian MP calls for ‘temporary’ suspension of Uber and similar companies after repeated crimes

Egyptian MP Amal Salama, a member of the Human Rights Committee in the House of Representatives, has called for the “temporary” suspension of Uber and similar companies in Egypt until they comply with the necessary operating procedures outlined in the Prime Minister’s 2019 decision.

Salama’s call comes after a series of crimes involving Uber drivers, including attempted assault, kidnapping, and indecent assault, RT Arabic reported.

The most recent case involved a German tourist named Christine Mikhail May Hoover, who accused an Uber driver of attempting to kidnap and assault her.

The driver was sentenced to three years in prison by the Criminal Court in late April.

Salama’s request also follows after the death of Habiba al-Shamaa, who died after jumping out of the Uber car to escape her driver’s harassment.

The driver was sentenced to 15 years in prison for attempted kidnapping, forging documents to work for the company, drug use, and driving under the influence.


‘No longer safe’

The MP explained that she “Received the papers of the new case from Mohamed Salah al-Leebody, a cassation lawyer, representing the German tourist complainant in case No. 26958/2023, in which she accused an Uber driver.”

“The recurrence of such crimes negatively affects inbound tourism to Egypt, in addition to threatening security and social peace, especially since transportation that relies on smart applications has become a necessity and cannot be dispensed with in the requirements of daily life,” the MP explained.

She said that these repeated crimes “Confirm that these means of transportation are no longer safe in the absence of supervision and the companies’ failure to comply with the necessary controls and procedures for operation, as these companies allow the employment of those with criminal records and drug users.”

She added that these companies must carefully select drivers based on stricter protocols, which include reviewing their criminal record and periodic drug testing.

The MP further suggested that “Cars operating in this field put up explanatory signs to distinguish them from other cars on the street, with the installation of surveillance cameras inside to record trips, informing the passenger that the trip is filmed, the installation of a GPS tracking device inside all cars, where the cameras and tracking devices are connected to the competent devices in the ministries of transport and interior to monitor what happens completely during the trips, which may save us from facing such incidents.”


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