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Egyptian mother kills, cooks, and eats flesh of her own son

Egyptian media on Friday reported more on the heinous crime that rocked Sharqiya Governorate, Nile Delta, during which a mother killed her child and ate parts of his body after cooking it.

Security sources said in statements to several Egyptian newspapers that the mother has separated from her husband three years ago, and lived alone with her child in her own house.

She had been suffering from psychological disorders for a long time.

The mother, 30, choked her five-year-old son, then cut his body into pieces and put him in a bucket, then cooked part of his head and ate it.

The crime was discovered by the child’s uncle, during his visit to the mother’s house, where he saw the child’s body cut into pieces, placed inside a bucket.

The mother believed that by consuming her child, he would return to her womb.

Egyptian journalist, Mostafa Bakry, said in televised statements that this was “one of the most heinous human crimes.”

“Such people should be placed in psychiatric or therapeutic facilities, and that this woman is not normal, and these crimes do not reflect the behavior of the Egyptian people.”

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