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Egyptian minister Nabila Makram issues statement on son charged with murder in the US

Minister of Immigration and Egyptians Expatriates Affairs Nabila Makram issued a statement regarding the trial of her son in the US, after he was charged with murder.

In her statement, the minister said: “My family and I are going through a severe ordeal, and we are going through a difficult time following the accusation of my son of committing a murder in the US. This accusation is being overseen before an American court, and a conclusive ruling has not yet been issued.”

“Doing my duties as a minister in the Egyptian government does not conflict at all with me being a believing mother who bravely faces the plight of her son. Whatever the consequences, as a minister, I take full responsibility for my position and the requirements of working with it, and I clearly differentiate between what is personal and what is public.”

She continued: “As a mother, I ask you to pray for me and my family in this ordeal, and I pray with you for my son Ramy and for the victims who met their Lord. I also turn to the media to investigate the accuracy of what they publish, and take into account honesty and humanity in dealing with this ordeal that befell an Egyptian family waiting for a ruling that is still in the knowledge of the unseen and in the conscience of the judge. Thank you for your love.”

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