Egyptian military calls on citizens to end protests

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces of Egypt, which is charged with managing the country's affairs for the next six months, on Monday called for an end to protests due to their negative effect on the country’s production.

In the council’s fifth communiqué, Defense Minister Assistant General Mohsen al-Fangari said, "The military is trying to create a climate conducive to genuine democratic transformation; however, in recent days some sectors have organized protests” that are counterproductive to that goal.

He went on to say that protests “have a negative impact on livelihoods” and that they “disrupt production and the interests of citizens.”

Al-Fangari also said protests have a negative impact on the country’s economy and that they facilitate “irresponsible and illegal actions.”

"The armed forces call on honorable Egyptians to understand that ongoing protests carry negative consequences and harm the country's security by disrupting state facilities," he said.
"For the sake of security, stability and continued production, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces calls on all citizens and trade unions to play a constructive role to the best of their ability."

The statement went on to say that the armed forces “hope everyone will help to foster a suitable climate for managing the country’s affairs until power is handed over to a legitimate civil authority."

Meanwhile, the Center for Trade Union and Workers' Service, a civil center for defending economic and social rights of Egyptian workers, said in a statement on Monday that it supports the legitimate demands of groups that have chosen to continue their protests despite President Hosni Mubarak’s resignation three days ago.

It went on to say that national trade union organizations must be developed and that the current trade authorities should not be relied upon to advocate workers’ interests.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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