Egyptian killed in Germany

A German woman stabbed her Egyptian husband to death in Hamburg last Saturday.

Admitting to the crime, the woman said she killed her husband Riad Ali, 37, for using her laptop without her permission.

The 25-year-old Monika said her husband was mistreating her and threatened to take their seven-month-old son away from her, which prompted her to report him twice to the police. According to Monika,  the police ordered Ali to leave the house, but she later forgave her husband and allowed him to return home for the sake of their son.

Monika has been charged with beating her husband to death and was released after a police interrogation, which has angered Riad’s friends.

“Riad was a decent man,” said his friend Ismail Ali. “He couldn’t have been killed just for using a laptop.” Ali added that Monika is known for her bad temper.

Ahmed Abdel Latif, another friend, confirmed the account. “Monika once threw an ashtray at him when she lost her temper,” he said, adding that Riad used to hide knives from her in fear that she would kill him.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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